Issue 6 June 2016

Oguche Et al
6:54-59 Full Text PDF

Ubah SA, Inyang IE, Waziri MA, Ogunbodede MA, Oladele GM, Ode OJ, Adeyeye AA.
Semen characteristics of Wistar rats treated with methanolic extract of Jatropha gossypifolia 6:60-65 – Full Text PDF

Anibor Ese
Intraoral distribution of gingival recession in a Nigerian population 6:66-68 – Full Text PDF

Anibor Ese, Ochiagha CS
Evaluation of tooth loss among the Edos in Nigeria 6:69-73 – Full Text PDF

Adediran OA, Ibikunle D.
Evaluation of isopropanol as a better alternative to xylene in tissue processing by the paraffin wax method 6:74 – 74 – Full Text PDF