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The Society for Cellular Pathology Scientists of Nigeria was founded in Lagos, Nigeria in 2009 after a meeting between by a group of young cellular pathology scientists and Mr JA Ogunwuyi of Seramoses Histolaboratory when they tried to compare diagnostic methods in Nigeria with those in the developed countries of America and United Kingdom. From a group of young scientists, the society now has more than 200 members and several student members.

The aim of the society is to foster unity and academic and professional excellence among Cellular Pathology Scientists. Membership of the society is open to cellular pathology scientists who have AIMLT, BMLS, IBMS or any other qualification that is professionally equivalent to the above mentioned. Membership is drawn from academic and non academic institutions as well as the private sector.

The vision of the society is to see that cellular pathology scientists are accorded their rightful place in the practice of laboratory science to enable them achieve their goal which is effective diagnosis in patients care. It is also to train through conferences, seminars and workshops a top-class group of scientists with excellent research background necessary for diagnosis, teaching and development of science.

The society also has a journal with a group of experienced authors as the editors. The hard copies of the journal are published twice a year while the online version is published monthly. Members and non members are encouraged to publish in the journal.

I welcome you to the Society for Cellular Pathology Scientists of Nigeria

JA Ogunwuyi

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